Prostitutes of Ivanovo

  1. Age: 21
  2. Height: 174 cm
  3. Weight: 58 kg
  4. Breast: 2
  1. 1 hour: 2500 rub.
  2. 2 hours: 5000 rub.
  3. Night: 12000 rub.
  1. Age: 20
  2. Height: 175 cm
  3. Weight: 53 kg
  4. Breast: 3
  1. 1 hour: 2500 rub.
  2. 2 hours: 4000 rub.
  3. Night: 11000 rub.
  1. Age: 24
  2. Height: 177 cm
  3. Weight: 62 kg
  4. Breast: 2
  1. 1 hour: 2000 rub.
  2. 2 hours: 4000 rub.
  3. Night: -

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